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Specialists in managing construction 

Information collection, storage and distribution.

All your information when and where you need it.

"Digitising the Construction Industry"


A Platform
for your construction management processes

Whatever the process, Calisto will transform your information into a secure, always available and easily accessed integrated system!

Man operates Tablet
Calisto is fully COBie* Compatible.

Your project information is easily exchanged with project partners and 3rd party applications using industry standard data descriptions.

Collecting Asset Data

Collecting information on the very large number of project assets is a challenging task which is rarely completed in a usable way. 

If the data can be captured as the project evolves this task becomes simplicity itself.

Uniclass 2015 compatible.

To search within in a drop-box simply begin typing for a product, document or other standard information class and the system automatically displays the standard description and attaches the Uniclass ID number.

Apply a Workflow process to any module from initiation to closure with automatic forwarding.
Barcodes and QR Codes 
Attach, capture, search barcodes for fast access to records. Create a barcode for any field e.g. MEPF, FF&E Rooms etc
Create tailored sets of information for specific users so they see the current status of relevant information. 

Typical Bespoke Modules 
Calisto re-create digital versions of any process or procedure you use, or wish to implement, including:

  • RFIs

  • Material Submittals

  • Permit to Work / Hot Work

  • Change Management

  • Company Technical Library

  • Site Plant Management

  • Site Skills Compliance.

  • Health & Safety

  • Fire and Life Safety

  • QA/QC

  • Site Diary

  • Snagging

  • Void Closures

  • Test & Commissioning Management

  • Asset Register

  • Close-out and O&M Manuals

  • DLP Management

  • Real Time Reports

*Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) is a non-proprietary data format for the publication of a subset of building information models (BIM) focused on delivering asset data
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