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Fire & Life Safety (FLS) - Passive Safety Management

Control the Risk

Track each fire compartment and each service penetration at every stage of construction ensuring a permanent record is available of the Fire Safety Status of the Building.

This is a critical component of the management of fire risk in buildings.  FLS is essential to contain fires, or slow their spread  through use of fire-retarding walls, floors, and doors.  The systems allow occupants to find safe refuge from fire and smoke and provides safe access for first responders to fight the fire and evacuate occupants.

The essential elements are:

  • Identification of Fire Compartments in accordance with the "Fire Strategy" for the Building.

  • ID Tagging of each Service Opening in each compartment.

  • ID tagging of each Service passing through the Serivce Opening, linked to the as-built drawings.

  • Schedule of Approved Solutions and Engineering Judgments for each service penetration.

  • Photo capture of each completed penetration with inspection date and details.

(Barcode each fire penetration for quick-find in Calisto)​

Fire Damper closes in case of fire
Fire Stopping pipe penetrations in fire wall
Fire stopping Cables passing through fire wall

FLS Module

Using Tablets in the field, Calisto enables users to access, inspect, record, verify and report that passive fire safety measures are in place and installed as specified.

This allows the building user to maintain and inspect the FLS measures for the life of the building

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