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The Model - a Valuable Resource

Why Produce a 3D model?

The BIM 3D model represents the framework within which sits all the elements needed to create  and operate the actual building and its facilities.

On a typical project the professional fees (for architects, strucutural engineers, planners Civils, Fire, M&E and specialists for design and management could amount to 10% of total cost.

 $10m USD on design and development fees to produce the information (whether in BIM or more conventional means).

This represents a large investment by the client in the project.  However this valuable and expensive resource is a Volatile Asset and needs to be managed to ensure it mirrors the real building and does not dissipate towards the end of the project or after handover.

The starting point for generating a model is to create an EIR (Employer's Information Requirement) list and a LOD (level of detail) requirement for the model.

Finally the client should make arrangements for hosting the model both to manage the agreed standards and to preserve its integrity for the life of the building.

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